Our curriculums

After two years, you have to make a choice. At our school you can choose between economics, human sciences, Latin and sciences.

Within certain options you can take more or less hours of mathematics.
So, for the 3rd and the 4th form you can opt for:
- Latin with 4 hours of maths
- Latin with 5 hours of maths
- Economics with 4 hours of maths
- Economics with 5 hours of maths
- Sciences
- Human sciences
CLIL (= Content and Language Integrated Learning)
Since September 2016 students with 5 hours maths (Latin with 5 hours maths, economics with 5 hours of maths and sciences) can opt for CLIL. Those students are taught mathematics in English.
All the other students can voluntarily take either religious education and history in English.
All students have three exam periods. In the second stage students have no exam of religious education, German, geography and computer sciences before the Easter holidays. This has to prepare them for the exam system in the third stage.