Our curriculums

After year four you have to make another decision. At our school you can choose between eight curriculums that are a further refinement of the curriculums offered in the second grade.

Except for the curriculum human sciences, each curriculum is a combination of two fields of interest. Although there are still a lot of common core lessons (e.g. Dutch, religious education, history, aesthetics, …), you can really start following your own specific interests.
The options are:
- Latin- modern languages
- Latin- sciences
- Latin- mathematics
- economics- modern languages
- economics- mathematics
- mathematics- sciences (6 or 8 hours of maths)
- modern languages- sciences.
- human sciences

Students in this stage have to become more independent. They will have to be able to collect and process the information that they have found. They have to prepare presentations and learn to work in group. At the end of the sixth form they have to be ready for further education so it is important that they get to know their possibilities and restrictions.
In the near future it will be possible for these students to attend chemistry, geography and physics in English.

In the third stage we apply a two term system, implying that all students only have two complete exam periods: before the Christmas and the summer holidays. Before the Easter holidays students have to sit exams of three to five main subjects. This has to prepare them for higher education with very often only one exam period, though a lot of curriculums also have two periods.