Our study options

2nd stage - Economics

The curriculum economics is meant for students who are interested in:

* general economics

* business economics

* bookkeeping

* the political and economic affairs

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2nd stage - Latin

The curriculum Latin is meant for students:

• who took the curriculum Latin in the first stage

• who don’t mind studying

• With sufficient interest and aptitude for languages

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2nd stage - Sciences

2nd Stage - Sciences

Sciences is for students who:

• have extensive interest in chemistry, physics and biology

• are willing to do a lot of experimental work in the laboratory

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3rd stage - Economics

Economics is for students who are interested in

• general economics

• Business economics

• bookkeeping

• the political and economic affairs

3rd stage - Human sciences

For students who are able to

  • think and work creatively
  • show a genuine interest in culture, humans and society
  • work individually
  • collaborate well

After Human sciences our students choose:

professional bachelor in social and cultural sector: nurses, teachers, speech therapist, ...
master in social studies: psychology, pedagogy, orthopedagogy

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3rd stage - Modern languages

For students who are interested in:

• linguistics

• communicative, creative and linguistic skills (reading, listening, speaking, oral interaction, writing)

• cultural competences

3rd stage - Sciences

For students who:

• have the ability to use problem solving methods: applying basic principles and theories

• are interested in technology and sciences in everyday life

3rd stage - Mathematics

For students who:

• are interested in mathematical problems and arguments

• have an interest in the execution of mathematical techniques

• have an attitude of accuracy

3rd stage - Latin

Students have to:

• be willing to continuously keep up the level of the basic material of Latin

• be willing to go deeper into a text through analysis and synthesis

• show a wide, open, intellectual and cultural curiosity