Our projects

Belgium is a bilingual country. All our students have to study French, our second official language. Within this context we also think it is important to keep in touch with people from Wallonia. In the course of time we have had several partnerships.
1916 – 2006 : College Notre-Dame de Bellevue in Dinant
Activities : exchange of letters and annual visits in the fourth form
2009 – today : Institut Saint-Michel in Neufchâteau
Activities : exchange of letters and annual exchange of students

The school has participated in several European projects. Up till now the language has always been English. However, in preparing the exchanges we have always tried to get the exchange students acquainted with a few basic sentences in the language of the hosting country.


Looking for the parallels in the uniqueness of two rural regions

Partners : Publiczne Gimnazjum w Platerowie, Platerów, Poland


21st Century Maths, Science and Technology in a European Context

Partners :

  • Grenaa Tekniske Skole, Grenaa, Denmark
  • Teesdale School, Bernard Castle, England


COME’N Impersonate US

Partners :

  • Vaizganto gimnazija, Radviliškis, Lithuania
  • Yaşar Saniye Gemici Anadolu Lisesi, Denizli, Turkey

Understanding History: Our Gateway to the Future

Partners :

  • Reepham High School and College, Reepham, UK
  • Friesenschule Leer Europaschule Realschule, Leer, Germany
  • Gimnazjum nr 57 im. Krzysztofa Kamila Baczyńskiego, Poznań, Poland
  • Kocamustafapaşa Ilköğretim Okulu, Istanbul, Turkey

Art at all European levels

Partners :

  • Vaizganto gimnazija, Radviliškis, Lithuania
  • Yaşar Saniye Gemici Anadolu Lisesi, Denizli, Turkey
  • Petzelt József Szakközépiskola és Szakiskola, Szentendre, Hungary
  • Kyrönmaan lukio, Isokyrö, Finland
  • Gimnazjum nr 56 w Poznaniu, Poznań, Poland
  • 2nd Gymnasium of Zakinthos, Zakinthos, Greece

Project World War I
We keep on working together with the Friesenschule from Leer and the Reepham College and High School from Reepham, both from the project ‘Understanding History: Our Gateway to the Future’ (2012-2014). Annually students from England, Germany and our school meet in Flanders to visit the reminiscences connected to WWI. In November representatives of the German school and our school go to Reepham to participate in the Remembrance Service on 11 November, to commemorate the horrors of WWI and other wars.

Letters from and to America
Since 2010 a lot of fifth formers have been involved in the exchange of letters with students of the Brandon Valley Middle School in South Dakota. Occasionally there have been some skype-meetings as well.