Projects 1st Stage

Three-day retreat (first form)

The students of the first form cycle to the coast for a three-day retreat in January. During this retreat the students meditate about important topics such as bullying, tolerance, the classroom atmosphere and their own place in the classroom. Reflection activities are alternated with some challenging sports and games as a fata morgana game during which they have to take on different challenges with the class. There is also a quest next to crafts activities, a movie, visiting the pool and an exciting evening game in the dunes.

Field trips

The first form visits the Palingbeek, a nature reserve, to carry out activities in the context of the science classes and the lessons physical education.

The second form visits the port of Antwerp for geography lessons. They also visit the zoo at the same day.

Adventure Weekend Durbuy (second form)

In September, the students of the second form go on an adventure weekend in Durbuy. Under professional supervision, limits are shifted during the rappel, descend into a narrow cave, an adventure trail through the trees, ...

In addition to promoting the team spirit, the adventure weekend also increases the resilience and independence of the students. The students learn to plan, to make decisions, to take responsibility and so much more. All activities are, in principle, feasible for all, even for students with a minimum of physical condition.