Projects 3rd Stage

Short trips

Students of the third stage regularly take short trips. All fifth formers visit the industrial Ghent of the 19th century in the context of their history lessons. The students of the curriculum human sciences visit among others the court to get real life knowledge.

The sixth formers explore Lille, just across the French border within the context of their French and aesthetic lessons and within the context of their history lessons they go on a guided tour to the Flemish Parliament. And for geography lesson they explore the area around Cap Blanc-Nez and Cap Griz-Nez.

Berlin trip

The fifth formers visit Berlin within the context of the German and history lessons. For four days they get acquainted with the German capital.

London trip

Every year during part of the spring break, the students of the sixth year go accompanied by some teachers to London. It is a fascinating journey with a very rich and varied programme: visiting the main museums, cultural historical sites and monuments, thematic city tours, attending theatre and musicals. This trip is thoroughly prepared during the English and some other lessons. Every year the sixth formers organize a London party to finance a part of the trip’s costs.