Practical information


A normal day at our school



08.30 - 10.10

10.10 - 10.25

10.25 - 12.05

12.05 - 13.10

13.10 - 14.50

14.50 - 15.05

15.05 - 16.45

17.00 - 18.20

 : everyone present

 : getting in line and going to class

 : first and second class

 : morning break (*Wednesday: 10.10 until 10.20)

 : third and fourth class (*Wednesday: 10.20 until 12.00)

 : lunch break

 : fifth and sixth class

 : afternoon break

 : seventh and eighth class

 : study

* There are no lessons on Wednesday afternoon


Depending on their curriculum, students at the Saint Aloysius College have one, two or three hours of study built into their weekly schedule.

All students can go to one of the study halls in the evening or on Wednesday afternoon.

The students of the first form have to go to the study hall on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening. In this way, our school wants to support the first formers in developing a study method. In the course of their weekly schedule they also have a 'green hour'. During this green hour the first form counsellor is also present to guide and help the first formers with their study method if necessary.

Students who have activities after school, e.g. sports, music classes … can get a dispensation.

During the winter months there is an adapted rule. The pupils who live further than 3 km away from school and come to school by bike, don’t have to stay in the study during the dark months.

The students can choose to stay in the study till 17:30, 17:50, 18:10 or 18:20. These hours are chosen based on the bus schedules.

All the arrangements are settled at the beginning of the school year.


Meals at school or at home

At the beginning of the school year, our students can make a choice between taking their lunch at school or at home. This choice is binding for the entire school year. If they want to alter something this has to be arranged by submitting a signed request from their parents in their school diary.

Payment of the lunches

The lunches taken at school have to be paid for in advance. Each student receives a student card at the beginning of the school year. This card is a chip card that registers the meals taken out at the cash desk. This card is linked to a special account number into which parents can deposit money. This is a flexible system because parents can transfer a deposit of their choice. However, the amount should always be sufficient. Parents who want a detailed overview of their children's expenses at the restaurant can get this at the secretary.

Choice and prices

You don’t have to choose the menu, dish or sandwich every morning. Our school provides a self-service at its restaurant, there are cold and hot lunches and sandwiches available. The choice is very wide. These are the prices:

  • Complete hot lunch (soup, main course and dessert): €5,00
  • Complete cold lunch (soup, cold plat du jour and dessert): €5,00
  • Hot plat du jour: €4,60
  • Cold plat du jour: €4,60
  • Sandwich: €2,90 + additional sandwich filling: €0,65
  • Soup: €0,60
  • Dessert: €0,90
  • Healthy dessert: €0,50
  • Drink: €1,00-€1.50

Our workgroup health at school keeps a watchful eye

One of the things the workgroup health at school monitors is whether the students get healthy food at school. That is why there are very frequent meetings with Scolarest, the catering service. A few things that have been negotiated in the meantime are:

  • no sugared drinks in the refrigerators, but only water, orange juice and dairy products. 
  • a wide choice of healthy desserts (seasonal fruit, fruit salad, yoghurt …).
  • a sandwich bar with a choice of brown and white bread, the students can spread their sandwich themselves.
  • a variety of cold meals with less sauce. 

Buying books

Our school puts in a big effort to order and distribute the student books and workbooks that are necessary. The students themselves don’t have to do a lot. All books are ordered and bought to the school. This saves the students and their parents a lot of time walking to and fro the bookstore.

The books that students have to use for only one year, can be hired at school. The books that can be used for several years have to be bought. Other school materials are discussed at the beginning of the school year by the course teacher. During the last week of August, the pupils are invited to our school to pick up their books. At that moment parents do not have to pay anything yet, because September is already a very expensive month. Payment is postponed until the end of October.

Digital college

We have an expansive and up to date computer network. All of the classes are equipped with an internet connection to allow the courses to be up to date.

Free Microsoft Office 2016

The students all get an e-mail address that they need to log in onto their Office 365. This comes with the right to download Office Pro Plus 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint...). This has a retail value of €100, so they do not have to buy Office when they buy a new computer, tablet or smartphone. With their login they can install Office 365 on 5 desktop computers and 5 mobile computers. This installation is also suitable for Android and Apple users.

Smartschool and Office 365 as study platform.

Teachers provide a lot of exercises, tests, study material, … online. This is mainly done through the platform Smartschool, but also through Office 365 where Sharing, Collaborating and Following are essential These are also keywords at present day job environments, universities and colleges. Our students should be prepared to take part in this.

MyRo (gradebook)

Parents and students can see their grades from tests or tasks in the online gradebook. Every Monday morning all of the connected email addresses get a message about the new results. At the first parent meeting in September everyone is informed about how to use these services.

You can always get more information from the ICT coordinators Pieter Senaeve and Kris Vande Moortel.