For several years now, the Saint Aloysius College has paid a lot of attention to its musical tradition. Every student has three possibilities to get involved with music. Since it is important to assure the continuity of each of these musical initiatives and recruit new members, they are extensively introduced to all our new students at the beginning of each school year. Let’s introduce our music societies:
The Speelschare
This orchestra originated from our school. Nowadays it counts about 100 musicians, basically students from our school but complemented with people related to the school. They perform several shows inside and outside the school. The weekly rehearsals take place on Sunday mornings. The conductor is Gino Malfait, a former teacher of the school. The musical highlight of the year is Musica Festiva, the annual concert of the Speelschare at the cultural centre of Diksmuide. This always proves to be a creative programme at a very high level.

The ensemble
Our second music society is The Ensemble, a chamber orchestra that exists of about fifteen students and teachers. Playing music together in a relaxed atmosphere is the main goal of this ensemble. The Ensemble takes care of the music at smaller events (parents meetings, open door night, etc.). The Ensemble also cooperates in the concert of the school choir. If you play an instrument and you would like to join The Ensemble, then you can contact the conductor, teacher Katrien Braem.

The choir
Our school has its own choir, which has a long history. You don’t need to be a trained singer to get a place in the choir. The only conditions are loving to sing and being present at the weekly repetitions. The peak of the year is the POP-UP concert, together with our The Ensemble at Diksmuide’s cultural centre crossing. Always a sold out concert. In between the polyphonic numbers of The Ensemble, the choir members sing pop classics and contemporary songs, from quiet, modest ballads to swinging rock numbers. You can become a member of the choir from the first grade onwards, you can register with our choirmaster, teacher Joke Bekaert.