Olympiads / competitions

Sports are not the only competitions we join, we also register for a lot of games and Olympiads of academic subjects. This is good because our students can compare themselves to students from other schools. All the registration fees and any travel expenses are paid by the school.
The mathematic teachers of the first and second form offer their students the opportunity to take part in the 'Kangoeroewedstrijd' (Kangaroo competition). This is a computing and puzzle contest for the student up to 14 years. For the students of the second grade there are the Junior Mathematics Olympiad and Olyfran, the French Olympiad. The students of the third grade can take part in the Mathematics Olympiad, a few scientific Olympiad (physics, biology and chemistry) and Olyfran. For the language courses there are regularly speaking and writing contests. An annual tradition is the Junior Journalist contest of the cultural organisation Davidsfonds.
Every year some of our students achieve really high scores at these contests or even make it to the top. That is simply an affirmation of the high level pursued at the Saint Aloysius College and put some heart into our teachers who give their best each day.