Our students do not only get a chance to move in a healthy way during the physical education lessons but also at a lot of other occasions. Every Wednesday afternoon they can participate in all kinds of sports activities. Sometimes the activities are meant to be enjoyed just for fun while there are also some real competitions.

Volleyball, THE sport (for girls) at the Saint Aloysius College
Diksmuide has had a volleyball tradition for a very long time. A lot of our students play volleyball in leagues. We have been able to engage a lot of these students for the school team. This has resulted in our beautiful results in the school leagues. Because we have participated in a lot of leagues our name ‘SADI’ is known in a lot of places. Since the school year 2001-2002 we have been ‘Provincial Champion’ five times. The girls gained gold in the 2005 national championship. Next to that we have won 8 out of our 13 finals in the Cardinal Cup.

Other sports
Volleyball might be a popular sport at our school but that does not mean that we neglect the other sports. Our school organises, participates and excels at the annual school cross-country in Diksmuide. We also participate in the Flemish swimming week and in inter-school competitions for sports like football, athletics, table tennis and badminton.

Sports day
Every year at the end of September our school organises a sports day. For this event our students can choose from a wide range of activities. It is an ideal moment to practise less popular sports such as diving, water-skiing, horseback riding.